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May 27, 2015


Dear CPAO Members and Supporters:


CPAO is seeking nominations of individuals, community groups, volunteers, businesses, and/or non-profit organizations that are deserving of public recognition for their respective achievements in crime prevention and public safety during 2013-2014. These awards will be presented in October of 2015.


Enclosed are the CPAO submission rules for each of the following categories.

  • Media Award

  • Commercial Crime Prevention Award

  • Charles Bangle Volunteer of the Year Award

  • Ken Mainwaring Award

  • Police Administrator of the Year

  • Ella Kimble Memorial Scholarship


    Also included is the nomination/scholarship application form. Please email or mail your completed applications to me by September 25, 2015.   


                              email address:                      Scott Bressler





    Thank you,



    Lt. Scott Bressler

    Awards Committee Chair

    (541) 258-4311









    CPAO Awards/Scholarship Submission Rules


    Nominations and scholarship applications must be on the official form provided. Nominators and scholarship applicants should briefly state the reasons for the application and indicate how the efforts of the applicant fall within the guidelines, including their qualifications. Newspaper articles, press releases, letters supporting the applicant or other pertinent data regarding the applicant may be submitted with the application. Applications must be submitted to the Chairperson of the Awards Committee no later than September 25, 2015, with the exception of the Ella Kimble Scholarship which is due by August 20, so the winner will have time to register.. Applications received after this date may be declined.  With the exception of the Ken Mainwaring Award, nominees and need not be members of the CPAO. The decision of the Awards Committee will be final. Awards will be presented at the CPAO Annual Conference. A member of the Awards Committee may contact a nominator if the applicant does not meet the criteria in a category and asked to withdraw or move the nominee to a more appropriate category. The scholarship winner will be notified by the Chairperson immediately upon a decision. 


    Media Award

The CPAO Media Award was created to recognize media producers for their efforts in promoting crime prevention in the community. Qualifications: Nominees must have contributed to the promotion of crime prevention through effective and innovative use of the media. Nominees will be evaluated using the following factors; the impact of the nominee’s media involvement on the crime prevention awareness and/or education of the community, the type of support provided by the nominee (e.g. carrying crime prevention advertisements, producing local programs or articles on crime prevention, promotion of crime prevention concepts or events, etc.) and the demonstrated continuity of support. Photographs, newspaper and magazine articles, videotapes, and other similar material shall be submitted with the nomination. This award is intended to recognize media producers i.e., newspaper, radio, television, video, films, advertisers, etc. The Media Award is a plaque for the winner.

Commercial Award

The Commercial Award was created in 1984 by the Southland Corp. (7-Eleven) to recognize efforts by the business community to prevent crime. Qualifications: Nominees must have contributed significantly to crime prevention efforts in one of the following ways; develop loss prevention programs or the education of businesses in loss prevention techniques, a demonstrable reduction of business losses on a local or statewide level, contribution to, or participation in a local or statewide crime prevention program affecting a broad spectrum of the public. The nominee may not be an individual. It must be a business, corporation, not for profit organization, etc.

Charles Bangle Volunteer of the Year Award 

The Charles Bangle award is for outstanding crime prevention volunteer efforts. The award honors CPAO member and Cottage Grove volunteer Charles Bangle. Qualifications: Nominees must have worked in the area of crime prevention within the State of Oregon. Nominees must truly be volunteers, not paid staff. Nominees may be individuals or groups of volunteers who have worked together as a team or unit. Nominees must have shown outstanding effort in crime prevention during the past year. Those efforts must have been manifested in either or both of the following areas: Reduction in overall crime and increased community awareness of the crime problem and possible solutions. There are two plaques for this award: one plaque is kept by the winner and the second is a “traveling plaque” which is returned to CPAO for awarding at the next annual conference.

Ken Mainwaring Award

This award recognizes excellence in the area of crime prevention. Ken Mainwaring was a charter member of CPAO and an officer with the Medford Police Dept. Qualifications: To be eligible, nominees must be a CPAO member in good standing for at least two years. Nominees must have contributed significantly to the general purpose of CPAO as stated in Article II of the Constitution, that is: “To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas pertaining to crime prevention. To provide an effective means of determining and expressing the collective view of crime prevention practitioners. To inform all citizens including elected officials, legislative bodies, and all criminal justice personnel, of the current crime prevention trend and techniques necessary for reducing crime and early detection of potential offenders. To focus attention on local, regional and state goals and issues relating to crime prevention. To encourage citizen involvement in the reduction of crime and criminal opportunity, and educate and train citizens in crime prevention techniques. To encourage maximum cooperation between all segments of the criminal justice system and improve communications with all citizens toward the goal of reducing crime by the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce that risk. To secure funds for the operation of the Crime Prevention Association of Oregon. To conduct all Association functions with the highest ethical standards.” Nominees must have impacted crime prevention on a local or statewide basis. This award should recognize contributions over several years including the most recent events. There are two plaques for this award: One plaque is kept by the winner and the second is a “traveling plaque” which is returned to CPAO for awarding at the next annual conference.


Police Administrator of the Year


This award was created in 2006 and was first presented at the 2007 conference.

Qualifications: This award recognizes a police administrator (Chief, Sheriff, Captain, Deputy Chief, etc.) who has been instrumental in promoting crime prevention strategies and or programs. While the administrator need not be a CPAO member, at least one person from the administrator’s agency should be. Please describe how this administrator has promoted and or supported crime prevention and explain what specific programs and or strategies have been implemented. Also explain how these programs/strategies have affected the local community, other communities and or the state.


Ella Kimble Memorial Scholarship


The Ella Kimble Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to one crime prevention practitioner who most represents the spirit of Ella. Ella was a long time member and supporter of the Crime Prevention Association of Oregon. Her passionate service was devoted to the annual state training conference and the opportunity for extended learning, mentoring, and networking. The successful applicant will receive a scholarship to attend the annual state training conference, with lodging included. Applicants should write a one page essay describing the crime prevention contributions to their agency and community, and include information regarding financial needs to attend the annual training conference. This scholarship is intended to assist the person who would otherwise not be able to attend. The scholarship winner will be notified as soon as possible so arrangements can be made for conference enrollment. Applications need to be submitted by August 20, 2015.

Official CPAO Award Nomination & Scholarship Application Form

        Return completed form by email or mail to:  Scott Bressler











<<<<<<<<Nomination & scholarship applications must be submitted by September 25, 2015>>>>>>>>>


Mark one of the following (if submitting more than one nomination, please use a separate form for each):


 __   Media Award

 __   Commercial Award

 __    Charles Bangle Volunteer of the Year Award

                                            __   Ken Mainwaring Award

                                            __  Police Administrator of the Year Award

                                            __  Ella Kimble Memorial Scholarship


Nominee/ Scholarship Applicant: __________________________________

Program, Agency or Business (If Applicable): _______________________________________

Supervisor _______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Telephone: Day: ____________   Evening: _____________

Nominator: ___________________________________________

Agency or Business: ___________________________________________________________

Telephone: Day: _________________________         Evening: ________________________

On a separate sheet, briefly state why this nomination is being made. Review both the general guidelines and the specific award guidelines to see if your nominee meets the criteria for the chosen award. For Scholarship applicants, please write a one page essay as to your qualifications. Please make as many copies of this form as needed.







 Please email to or mail to CPAO PO Box 1194 Lebanon, OR 97355