Mission Statement

To provide educational opportunities, training and resources on current trends in crime that capitalize on our expertise and professional network with law enforcement.


To inspire and educate individuals to minimize crime and reduce the fear of crime.

Message From The President

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome each of you and thank you for your membership with the Crime Prevention Association of Oregon. You have joined a professional network of crime prevention practitioners and professionals dedicated their time and commitment to reducing criminal activity in their communities.

Crime Prevention Association of Oregon is a statewide, non-profit organization of citizens, law enforcement officers, and crime prevention practitioners who work together to promote, develop, and advance crime prevention programs. CPAO and its member’s foster cooperation, encourage, exchange of information, provide leadership, and seek involvement from all segments of society to expand, improve, and develop crime prevention programs throughout Oregon.

We all have busy schedules and trying to fit in the extra duties of the Association is difficult, but the Association cannot grow and flourish without your help. We need people to step up to the plate to help get the word out about Crime Prevention. When citizens or safety and security professionals have questions about Crime Prevention, the first place they should think about is CPAO. I know that we can do this, but it is going to take everyone to make this a reality. Just as we have raised the bar with training and our position within the State, I know that we can do it with increasing our visibility and leadership within the community.

I look forward as being your new elected President to serving you, the members of CPAO. As with any of our former Presidents, my door is open to all of you. If you have questions, concerns complaints or GREAT IDEAS, please contact me or any of your Board members. We are here to serve you so that we can enhance the practice of Crime Prevention as well as the safety and enjoyment of life in Oregon

Darlene Schnoor


Washington County Sheriff’s Office