Courageous Leadership for Law Enforcement

 Sponsored by CPAO and Lebanon Police Department

April 10, 2018
0800-1600 Hrs
American Legion
480 S. Main St. Lebanon, OR 97355
cost: $55  (lunch provided)


This dynamic and unique course is led by Tulsa Police Major Travis Yates, a former International Trainer of the Year by ILEETA, co-founder of the Below 100 Initiative and the Editor In Chief of Law Officer Magazine.

This course will prepare first responders from all ranks to be courageous in their principles in order to give those under their control a safer working environment.  While many leadership courses focus on theory, this course focuses on practice and the principles taught will help the leader immediately and “de-centralized” leadership is emphasized so every police officer from every rank can be inspired to be a leader.

or you can mail payment to
Lebanon Police Department 
attn: Scott Bressler
40 N. 2nd St.
Lebanon, OR 97355 
Contact Lt. Scott Bressler or Dala Johnson at (541) 258-4311